vBNG/vBRAS, vRouter/vPE Acceleration IP Core

Arrive’s Acceleration IP Core for vBNG/vBRAS, vRouter/vPE applications is an FPGA- based Switching/Routing acceleration solution for Cloud Computing and NFV applications. 

Arrive's vBNG/vRouter Acceleration IP Core provides L2 Switching, L3 Routing, QoS, overlay network protocols (VXLAN, NGVRE) and many others while reducing CPU load and increasing overall network performance.  Arrive’ vBNG/ vRouter can support up to 400Gbps throughput and support millions of flows. It can be used in many applications such as Open vSwitch (OVS), vBNG/vBRAS, and vRouter/vPE.  It also supports P4 programming language that can increase the flexibility and provide more visibility for network users.

Arrive’s Acceleration IP Core for vBNG/vBRAS, vRouter/vPE applications can be combined with Arrive’s IPSec and SSL/TLS Acceleration IP Core to add security and cryptography features to provide fully secured networking solutions.



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