OVS Acceleration IP Core

Arrive’s OVS Acceleration IP Core is an FPGA-based Switching/Routing acceleration solution for Cloud Computing and NFV applications. 

Arrive's OVS Acceleration IP Core provides L2 Switching, L3 Routing, QoS, overlay network protocols (VXLAN, NGVRE) and many others while reducing CPU load and increasing overall network performance.  Arrive’s OVS supports up to 400Gbps throughput and millions of flows.  It can be used in many applications such as Open vSwitch (OVS), vBNG/vBRAS, and vRouter/vPE.  It also supports the P4 programming language increasing flexibility and providing more visibility for network users.

Arrive’s Acceleration IP Core for OVS applications can be combined with Arrive’s IPSec and SSL/TLS Acceleration IP Cores to add security and cryptography features to provide fully secured networking solutions.


  • Smart NIC and Programmable Acceleration Cards

  • Bare Metal Services

  • Network Functions Virtualization NFV

  • Open vSwitch OVS Applications

  • Network Telemetry Offload

  • Workloads on Cloud Service Providers



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