IP Cores are provided with an SDK with a single API software driver for all IP Core variants.

IP Core APIs supports protocol stack handling. For customers who want to re-use their investment on existing software, Arrive supports migration from customer’s existing software to re-use it with CodeChip solutions.

SDK Advantages

  • Single application-specific high-level API software driver for all IP Core variants

  • Supports migration from customer’s existing software for reuse with IP Core solutions

  • Platform independent via a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) module

  • Operating System independent via Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL) module

  • Modular-oriented device driver allowing transparent interface to higher level application layer

  • Intended to relieve the system software developer of the task of recreating the IP Core device driver to shorten system development time and ensure a quick migration to production

  • Compliant to standard telecommunications functions including configuration

  • Supports interrupt handler

  • Includes a command-line debugger for controlling and monitoring the device

  • Compliant to ANSI-C

  • SDK source code and full documentation provided



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