Database Acceleration IP Core

Arrive’s Acceleration IP Core for database applications is an FPGA-based solution focusing on solving the CPU bottleneck in data-centric applications. 

Using an FPGA to offload different database workloads such as queries, RegEx search, compression, etc., Arrive’s Database Acceleration IP Core can provide up to 20x faster performance as compared with CPU-only solutions.  It is also compatible with multiple databases, including SQL and noSQL management systems.

Database-Oriented Features

  • Support PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, TSDB

  • Database queries pre-processing, caching acceleration by FPGA

  • 20x performance and low latency

  • Support both in-line/look-aside acceleration model

  • Database compression/compaction

  • Regex queries offload

  • Plug and play, no customer software change required

Transaction-Oriented Features

  • Similar to database-oriented features

  • Erasure Coding

  • Storage deduplication


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