Acceleration Software for Networking

FPGA Acceleration for vBNG/vBRAS, vRouter/vPE Applications

Arrive’s Acceleration Software for vBNG/vBRAS, vRouter/vPE applications is a Switching/Routing acceleration solution for Cloud Computing and NFV applications using FPGA architecture. It is best suited in a Smart-NIC form, and can be used to offload the CPU workload and increase performance for multiple functions, including L2 Switching, L3 Routing, QoS, overlay network protocols (VXLAN, NGVRE) and many others.  It can support up to 400Gbps throughput and support millions of flows. It can be used in many applications such as Open vSwitch (OVS), vBNG/vBRAS, and vRouter/vPE.  It also supports P4 programming language that can increase the flexibility and provide more visibility for network users.

Arrive’s Acceleration Software for vBNG/vBRAS, vRouter/vPE applications can be combined with Arrive’s IPSec and SSL/TLS Acceleration Software to add security and cryptography features to provide full secured networking solutions.


  • Platform: Intel/Xilinx FPGA Acceleration Card.
  • Up to 400G throughput with 4x100GE
  • Up to 300 Mpps (Million packets per second)
  • H-QoS
    • Support 256K queues, 5 layers
    • Support 4kbps granularity for input queues policing
    • Support 4kbps granularity for per queue, per layer shaping
  • Packet Classification (look-up)
    • 512K exact-match table
    • 128K IPv4/IPv6 LPM/Host table
    • L2 (MAC/VLAN) table
    • MPLS PW table
    • Other user selectable header (TCP/UPD protocol, port, DSCP, etc)
    • Support P4 and OpenFlow for enhanced switching, network telemetry applications.
  • Support packet multicast
  • Support PPPoE, IPoE sessions
  • Support NAT table

Sample Applications: