STM-4/OC-12 STM-4/OC-12 STM-4/OC-12 STM-1/OC-3
Core AF4IPx0003 Core AF4IPx0001Core AF4IPx0006 Core AF4IPx0007 Core
Feature 4xOC-12/STM-4/OC-3/STM-1 ADM 10K DS0 Cross-Connect 2xOC-12/STM-4 or 4xOC-3/STM-1 1+1 MSP EoS/EoPoS VCAT-LCAS 4xOC-3/STM-1 MS-ADM EoS/EoPoS with VCAT-LCAS 4xOC-3/STM-1 Linear ADM T1/E1 over SONET/SDH
Primary Differentiator SONET/SDH Ring and Linear ADM with 10K DS0Time Slot Interchanger Channelized Ethernet over TDM (EoS, EoPoS) VCAT-LCAS, GFP-F Channelized EoTDM (EoS, EoPoS) VCAT-LCAS, GFP-F Channelized T1/E1 over SONET/SDH
System Side Interfaces SONET/SDH 4xOC-12/STM-4 or 4xOC-3/STM-1 2xOC-12/STM-4 or 4xOC-3/STM-1 2xOC-3/STM-1 4xOC-3/STM-1
System Side Interfaces Protection SW-Based MSP 1+1/1:1 HW-Based UPSR/SNCP SW-Based MSP 1+1 SW-Based MSP 1+1 MSP 1+1/1:1
System Side Interfaces APS Speed < 50ms < 50ms < 50ms < 50ms
Client Side Interfaces SONET/SDH 2xOC-3/STM-1
Client Side Interfaces DS1/E1 Channels 336/252 336/252 84/64 168/126
Client Side Interfaces DS1/E1 Framers Full T1/E1 framer Full T1/E1 framer Full T1/E1 framer Full T1/E1 framer
Client Side Interfaces DS3/E3 Channels 12/12 3/3
Client Side Interfaces DS3/E3 Framers 12/12 3/3
Client Side Interfaces GbE 2xGigabit Ethernet
Client Side Interfaces SPI-3 32-Bit@104Mhz
Client Side Interfaces 10/100 Ethernet Optional
M13/E13 12/12 Optional
STS XC Yes Yes Yes Yes
TU3 XC Yes Yes Yes Yes
VT XC Yes Yes Yes Yes
DS0 XC 10K
VCAT/LCAS HW-based HW-based
Clock Synthesizer Yes Yes Yes Yes
L2 Aggregation Optional Optional
Data Encapsulation GFP-F GFP-F
Ext RAMs Packet /Data Link Buffer 1xDDR2, 16-Bit, 155Mhz 2xDDR2, 16-Bit, 155MHz 2xDDR2, 16-Bit, 155MHz 1xDDR2, 16-Bit, 155Mhz
Ext RAMs VCAT Delay 1xDDR2, 16-Bit, 155Mhz 1xDDR2, 16-Bit, 155Mhz
Micro Bus Type Generic 32-bit or 16-bit Generic 32-bit or 16-bit Generic 32-bit or 16-bit Generic 32-bit or 16-bit
Availability Now Now Now Now

*Note: Support of DDR2 or DDR3 depends on the specific FPGA selection. Customers should consult with Arrive about this.

Please contact for further information.