Our SDN Codechip* is a carrier-class packet switch that is compatible with OpenFlow protocols using Arrive’s FreeFlo™ technology. Our SDN CodeChips will support the SDN (OpenFlow™ compliant) control plane.

SDN (Software Defined Networking) allows network administrators to have centralized, programmable control of network traffic without requiring physical access to the network’s hardware. OpenFlow is the standard protocol used to control SDN networks. Our FreeFlo™ technology is compatible with OpenFlow™ SDN networks.

In addition to our SDN Codechips, Arrive will integrate FreeFlo™ capabilities into our Carrier Ethernet Codechips to allow for an easy transition from standard Carrier Ethernet to Next-Generation SDN Carrier Ethernet. Our SDN Carrier Ethernet CodeChips will support both SDN and Carrier Ethernet control planes and will include all of the Carrier Ethernet and Pseudowire features of our standard Carrier Ethernet CodeChips.

*Product details not yet released.