Eva® Acceleration Software for Networking

Eva Acceleration Software is a Switching/Routing acceleration solution for NFV applications using FPGA architecture. Eva is best suited in a Smart-NIC form, and can be used to offload the CPU workload and increase performance for multiple functions, including L2 Switching, L3 Routing, QoS, overlay network protocols (VXLAN, NGVRE) and many others.  Eva can support up to 200Gbps throughput and support millions of flows. Using the P4 programming language, Eva can be used in many flexible ways, enabling customers to build user-defined networks.  Eva Acceleration Software can be combined with Arrive’s Bay Acceleration Software to add security and cryptography features to provide full networking solutions.



  • 200Gbps throughput with 2x100GE interfaces
  • 200 million packets per second (Mpps) processing capability for all protocols, all layers at the same time

Packet Processor

  • 200Gbps/200Mpps P4 programming language engine
  • Up to 1 million programmable tunnels/flows support flexible L2-L7 protocols and easily adapt to new protocols with software-define based including:
    • L2 MAC/VLAN switching
    • Overlay protocols: VXLAN/NVGRE/
    • L3 IPv4/IPv6 routing
    • TCP/UDP offloading
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Access Control List (ACL)

Additional Security Features

  • 200G MACSec, IPSec
  • SSL/TLS offloading
  • Public-key cryptography acceleration
  • L3-L7 Deep packet inspection, Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Manager/QoS

  • 200Gbps Hierarchical Traffic Manager (H-QoS) with 8K queues and 3-stages
  • MEF 10.2/10.3 bandwidth profile compliant
  • DSCP classification/remarking
  • Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED)
  • Scheduling: SP, DWRR, SP+DWRR
  • Multiple queues per Virtual Machine (VM)


  • Hardware timestamping for 1588v2/PTP packets with sub-nanosecond accuracy
  • Support BC/OC/TC PTP packets in L2/L3/MPLS formats


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