Communications networks are being driven by ever-increasing bandwidth requirements due to the explosive growth of a variety of advanced products including smart handheld devices and growing cloud applications. The world’s networks are becoming more complex, and equipment providers need fast and flexible solutions to meet the demands of their customers.

Introducing Arrive’s New CodeChip® Product Line

Unlike traditional standard-cell ASICs with fixed features, our CodeChips are flexible system-on-a-chip solutions that are integrated onto advanced leading-edge FPGAs.

A typical ASIC design cycle can take up to 30 months. Arrive’s CodeChips can be production-ready in 7 months or less, reducing time to market by up to 75%.

In addition, our flexible CodeChip architecture allows for design changes in real-time, providing flexibility to accommodate multiple design requirements, adapt to variances in worldwide network standards, and adjust to future technical standard changes–all at a price competitive with fixed-feature ASICs.

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