Acceleration Software

Arrive’s Acceleration Software offers a wide range of EaaS acceleration features, using the FPGA in the Smart-NIC form or any cloud-based platform using FPGAs. With the programmability of an FPGA, customers have access to on-demand acceleration services, including OpenCL-based or RTL-based IPs.

The Acceleration Software targets next-generation networking: SDN/NFV Acceleration, with flexible features: firewall, load balancing, cryptography or switching, and traffic management. It can also be used to accelerate cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), data centers, and help to reduce the workload of processors with OpenCL IPs, such as Media Encoding, Transcoding and Encryption.

Arrive offers three Acceleration Software product lines:

  • Bay® Acceleration Software for Security and Cryptography
  • Eva® Acceleration Software for Networking
  • Elsa® Acceleration Software for Media Encoding, Transcoding and Encryption

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