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CodeChips® are virtual ASICs. Unlike traditional integrated circuits with fixed features, CodeChips are FPGA based system on a chip solutions that are integrated onto advanced leading-edge FPGAs. CodeChip’s design and feature flexibility allow for lower costs, dramatically faster development cycles, and rapid response to changing requirements. In addition, our flexible CodeChip architectures allow for design changes in real time providing significant reductions in engineering design cycles.  Our CodeChips provide flexible next-generation solutions allowing our customers to meet their growing broadband connection needs.

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Arrive provides state-of-the-art Acceleration Software for advanced security, switching, and media management solutions for the Cloud Computing, Data Centers, and NFV markets.  Arrive’s Acceleration Software provides reusable software components that can be employed across the network and offers a variety of EaaS (everything-as-a-service) components including communications, infrastructure, data, and platforms applications. The Acceleration Software resides on the FPGA in either Smart-NIC or Cloud-Based Platform equipment offering significant advances in speed and computing performance in the network.

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